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Extend Your Outdoor Space with a Fire Pit

It seems like there are two extremes to the weather – too hot or too cold. We want to make full use of our outdoor space, but how do we do that for most of the year?

If you’ve ever brought fans outside to enjoy your backyard patio space, you can do something similar to warm up that space when there’s a chill in the air in the spring or fall, or even in the winter.

A contemporary fire pit can help warm your outdoor space.

Why Do I Need to Use Outdoor Space?

If you’ve recently purchased a house, or already have one, then you should know that you’re paying taxes for the entire lot, including your indoor space.

You should really utilise all of your space, because you are paying for it. This can include a garden shed, a summer house, and even a contemporary fire pit.

Now you’ll be able to utilise all spaces in and out of your home, including your outdoor space, even when it gets a bit too cold out in the spring, fall, or winter months.

How Is a Fire Pit Powered?

The safest option for a fire pit is one that is gas-powered. This way you can safely turn it on or off, without having to worry about adding bricks or charcoal.

How it works is that you press the button, which causes a battery-powered spark. During this time, a small amount of gas is released. This ignites the gas and creates the flames.

This contemporary fire pit is a much safer option than trying to light older ones with matches or a lighter.

Can I Control the Height of the Flames?

Yes, this is why an outdoor gas fire pit is a better option than your traditional one. On an outdoor gas fire pit there is a valve that can be turned up or down.

This value can control the size and height of the flames. You also use the same valve to fully turn off the flames.

This valve makes a great option, even during the heat of the summer, should you want to hang out with friends outside, but you don’t want the contemporary fire pit to give off a lot of heat.

What Else Can I Use a Fire Pit for?

Besides providing heat and comfort when it’s cool outdoors, a fire pit is also a great way to provide some design to your garden. It also has another great purpose too – it will help to light up your outdoor space when it’s night time!

Where Can I Buy Cheap Outdoor Fire Pits for Sale?

You can find cheap outdoor fire pits for sale here on our Summer Houses UK page called Product Category – Fire Pits. Here you can find large circular fire pits to cover a larger space, or smaller more decorative ones, such as globes.

We also have rectangular and square fire pits.


If you’re looking to decorate and heat your outdoor space then you’re certain to find a fire pit you love here on our site.


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