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Category: Bin Stores

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Useful & Attractive Outdoor Storage Bins

Is your outdoor space looking old and messy? One of the quickest ways to spiff it up is by removing all worn-out bins, and buying new outdoor bin storage.

There are plenty of new options today that are not only versatile, they also add an updated look to your outdoor space.

What Is Outdoor Bin Storage?

There are many names, such as garden bins, containers, rubbish dustbins, and more. They’re basically a place where you store your wheelie bins, but you can use one to store other items, such as lawn equipment or bicycles,  if you choose a rainproof option.

You still obtain your bins from the city that are in specific colours for waste, recycling, and organics. But these smaller wheelie bins are placed within specific types of outdoor storage bins.

Outdoor bin storage keeps your rubbish secure when it’s not waiting for city pick-up. You can keep it protected from rodents, dogs, children, and even people who are hunting for free bottles or cans. You can put a lock on types where the rubbish bin containers fit fully inside.

There is also bin storage that offers a decorative option, so you store your bins behind it, but they can’t be seen from the house. Another function of some of the outdoor bin storage options is that they may be rainproof, should you get a lot of rain in your region.

This type of bin will help keep your rubbish from getting soaking wet, which is sure to please your wheelie bin collection workers!

What Types of Bins Can I Purchase?

You can buy bins made of all types of materials, from wood to metal. Colours can vary from natural wood to stained wood in browns, yellows, or oranges.

There are also black “brick” like bins, black plastic or metal, orange metal, white metal, yellow metal, and more. If you only have one bin, you have an option to buy single bin storage, but there are plenty of double bin storage options too.

And if you have three different types of bins, cheap triple bin storage may be the best option for your home. If you need quadruple bin storage, there are also a few options for you.

(Either that or you can purchase as many as you need if you have a large family, or you live in a townhouse.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Triple Bin Stores?

You can find all types and sizes of bin storage here on our Summer Houses UK website, and on the Bin Stores page.

Whether you need double bin store or cheap triple bin stores, or even quadruple bin stores, you can find everything you need here. Please have a look around.

You may even get ideas for bin storage that will help to keep your back yard looking its best. And, guests may not even know what you have behind that bin storage!

Buy new outdoor bin storage to spruce up your yard. This may refresh the look of your outdoor space so that you don’t need to do as much work as you thought, once spring comes!

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