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Popular Summerhouse and Log Cabin Products That We Sell

How to Increase Your Household Space

In the past, it was common to build additions onto a house to make space for storing the holiday decorations, having a crafting room, or simply to have extra space for guests.

Today, that can be extremely expensive. But now that you’re working from home and need an office, you may be hesitant in giving up your valuable household space. Or, perhaps you run a crafting-type of business and need plenty of space to make your creations.

 A small desk in the corner just isn’t going to work. The next best solution is to buy a dedicated I shaped corner summer house for sale.

Why Do I Need a Summer House?

I shaped summer houses can have many uses. Perhaps the most common in the past year or two is that they’ve been used as offices.

Many people desire to work safely from home, but they may also have family in their houses who may be a bit noisy during the day. Having the ability to step away from your house and into a quiet space but still be on your property, is the perfect solution.

You also won’t have to give up any valuable space in your house to do so.

A summer house can also be used to entertain friends or family, particularly during the warm months. You can have a tea party, or you can set it up as a bar for your adult friends in the evening.

You can use the space for working on household projects, such as building shelves or furniture, or doing hobbies and crafts, such as painting or sewing.

You may even think how you can use this space to do the things you have wanted to do for years, but just haven’t had the time or room to do so until now.

How Does a Summer House Work with City Zoning?

The term “summer house” is often used in the UK, but basically means “tiny house” or “fancy shed”. You can’t expect to have your house duplicated and placed in the backyard.

Sheds of a certain size are allowed to be placed in the backyard of most houses in the UK. If you’re uncertain, a phone call to the city, or a visit to their website, can provide you the information you need.

Generally, as long as your shed doesn’t need extensive electrical, and no sewer or water hookup, you should be fine with installing I shape summer houses and other types in the back of your property.

It’s when you need the utilities hooked up that the city or town will believe that the shed is actually a mobile home or pre-fab, and that’s where things get tricky. But read on, as you’ll learn more about what you can actually have in your backyard to extend your living space.

What Types of Summer Houses Can I Buy?

I shaped summer houses are the most common. The simpler one is, the lower the costs. The more that posh sheds for sale look like real houses, the higher the cost because more materials and finishing are involved.

There are also other options, such as the cedar clad summer house. Cedar  siding is weather-resistant but still is a natural option if you don’t wish to buy a big plastic or metal box for your backyard that’s not going to fit in with the look of your house.

There are also options for posh sheds for sale if you don’t want one that actually looks like a shed but you want one that looks like a small version of a house.

Is It Better to Buy a Pre-made Shed or Build One Myself?

You may have seen your close friends build their own sheds and post to social media. These small sheds may have seemed wonderful, but you may not realize how much work goes into them.

Whether they were built from scratch from homemade plans, or they were built from a kit, it still takes time. Even a kit may have pieces that don’t fit together, so you’ll have to learn how to compensate for that.

You’ll also need to the time to do so. If you have other household projects, or maintenance to do, you may not have the time to complete that project this year. Instead, you could just order from our site and have one delivered for next week.

We recommend that if you really want to build your own shed, why not start with building a small house for your dog or cat first, and see how that works out?

Where Can I Buy I Shaped Summerhouse and Shed?

If you’re thinking you want a summer house or even a shed (if you have plenty of room on your property), then you can find I shaped summer houses for sale here on our Summer Houses UK website.

You can browse the active listings to find what you need. These may be offered from various manufacturers who are clearing out stock and preparing for their new line of I shaped summer houses for sale next year.

Have you ever thought about investing in “summer houses for sale near me?” Finding your perfect summer house can often seem like a challenge, and this naturally begs many questions.

However, one of the first things you will need to determine when choosing your perfect new summer house is the style you want. With this thought in mind, today, we’re looking at the benefits of an l-shape garden building or l-shaped summerhouse.

Hopefully, this will help you decide on whether or not these are the right options for your needs.

There are countless different reasons why you might want to invest in an l-shaped summer house, and keeping these in mind could help you decide whether or not these are the right options for your needs.

Of course, an l-shaped summer house won’t necessarily work for everyone. But, with that being said, there are countless excellent benefits of l-shaped summer houses, and these could definitely work for your property.


One of the main benefits of investing in your very own l-shaped garden building is simple: they’re exceptionally versatile and lend themselves easily to many different styles! A high-quality l-shaped garden building is designed to easily match the look and style of your property’s garden, and their simple shape makes them easy to use in many different gardens.

Any gaps around the edges can be easily filled in, ensuring that everyone can use these awesome designs.

Fun Design

A regular garden shed is usually square or rectangular, but these are pretty basic common designs. As such, if you want something a little bit different for your garden, an l-shaped garden building is definitely a good option to consider.

The l-shaped design differentiates these summer houses from most other options on the market, adding a splash of fun and unique charm to your garden that’s hard to replicate in quite the same way.

Extra Space

By their nature, l-shaped garden buildings have much more space than a regular rectangular or square shed. This means you’ll often be able to fit a lot more in, rather than being limited on space to just the necessities. After all, we all enjoy the chance to spread out when we can rather than being cooped up in a tiny area.

Easy to Split

A further benefit of l-shaped garden buildings is simple: they’re easy to split into respective rooms or areas. The l-shaped section of the room can be easily divided with partitions or curtains to make a private area; alternatively, the l-shape design naturally creates a separation that doesn’t necessarily need a partition!

This makes l-shaped garden buildings excellent if you’re looking to have several rooms in your garden building, such as a rest area and somewhere for muddy clothes and boots! It’s also a great storage area, for example, for bookshelves and boxes that you haven’t already unpacked.

The choice is yours, so don’t be limited by a regular garden shed design; take things to the next level with an amazing l-shaped garden building instead.

Can I Fit an L-Shaped Summerhouse into an Irregularly-Shaped Garden?

One relatively common question that many people have when it comes to l-shaped summerhouses is whether they can be used in round or irregularly shaped gardens.

Fortunately, this shouldn’t have to be something you worry about too much since an l-shaped summer house can often lend itself surprisingly well to irregularly shaped gardens. So, whether your garden is round, wonky, or anything in between, an l-shaped summer house might work.

Of course, finding a suitable location for your new l-shaped summer house in an irregularly shaped garden will be much harder than in a traditional square or rectangular garden. However, if you’re feeling unsure, don’t worry – it’s easy to fill in any gaps around the corners and edges of your new l-shaped summer house with plants and the like.

This can help create a smooth corner that’s easy to work with, so feel free to get creative with your new l-shaped summer house to see how you could make this work in your property.

If you’re not quite sure, there are plenty of mapping tools online these days that can help you recreate the shape and look of your garden, so you can experiment with different shed designs and shapes to find the right one.

Where to Find Top-Quality L-Shaped Sheds for Sale

At this point, we’ve outlined some of the main benefits of finding a brand new l-shape summer house. However, if you want to get the most benefits possible from this decision, starting out with the highest-quality l-shaped sheds for sale is integral.

This fact can naturally leave you wondering, where can I find top-quality summer houses for sale near me? Well, if this is a question you’ve been wondering, don’t worry – plenty of amazing l-shaped garden buildings available online could match your needs.

Top-quality summerhouses are designed to be able to withstand the weather all year round, providing a long-term, durable, and reliable solution for your property. However, it’s important to recognize here that not all l-shaped garden sheds are created equally; some are too small to do much with, for example, while others might be made from low-quality materials that can’t stand up to the rigors of modern use.

So, when choosing somewhere to buy a quality l-shaped garden shed, make sure you start with a specialist brand. This simple distinction can go a long way towards making your garden look its best, no matter what.

If you have been looking for the ideal new L-shaped sheds for sale, starting out with the right design in mind is crucial.

Fortunately, for many people, an l-shaped summer house with shed can offer an excellent solution – and so this could be well worth keeping in mind.

Don’t compromise; finding the perfect l-shaped summerhouse doesn’t have to be all that difficult, and it might just transform the look and style of your garden accordingly.

Can I Buy a Shed within My Budget?

Most people are aware that there has been heavy demand for building materials this past year, as people have more free time. If you have a tight budget at the moment due to losing your job or having your hours cut back, then we do have a solution for you.

You can buy ex display sheds for sale that don’t cost as much as brand new. These sheds have been kept on display at stores or manufacturing facilities. If you don’t mind a few scratches, then ex display sheds for sale are the perfect solution for your budget.

 Now is the perfect time to buy ex display sheds for sale, or small summer houses. Finish clearing your lot, order your small house or shed, and soon you’ll have plenty of extra space for the winter ahead. You can even add a portable space heater to keep warm in the winter!

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